Water Softener Ireland

Extend the Life of Your Appliances with a Water Softener Ireland Water softener Ireland – Most homes in Ireland have hard water—71.2 percent in the Republic of Ireland to be precise It’s safe to drink hard water, but it can cause issues in your home: Mineral collection in plumbing and […]

Clack Softener Valve DIY Package

clack softener

CLACK SOFTENER VALVE DIY Clack softener valve DIY Package. Automatic water softener Electronic WS1CI Clack valve 1 ” (Reg. Metered-time).Low consumption of water and salt per regeneration. Valve body made of Noryl plastic material, NSF listed. Programming is simple and fast, just enter the time, day of week, time of […]

Water Filter Annual Service

Water Filter Service   A water filter service should be carried out at least once every year on all water filtration equipment. The systems need to be maintained by trained water treatment technicians or may eventually experience bacteria growth within your water filter machine or worse, a leak. An annual service […]

How Can Hard Water Affect Your Skin & Health 5 points

How Can Hard Water Affect Your Skin & Health Did you know that over 75% percent of Irish households are living with the detrimental effects of hard water caused by excessive minerals which are present in their mains water supply?.  If you, like many of us, live in an area […]

Testing Your Water For Limescale. Hard Water Testing

Easiest Ways to Test for Hard Water There are 3 cheap & easy ways you can test for hard water at home. We will explain the methods below so you know for sure if you have hard or soft water. (Quick tip – Have a look in your kettle and […]