Water Filters Ireland

water filter ireland

Water Filters Ireland, How to Choose The Best One Water filters Ireland – Water in Ireland is rumoured to be the worst in Europe and has been described as the sewer of drinking water quality. But is the opinion that residents of Ireland have for their water quality justified? Is […]

Samsung Fridge Filters

Buying the correct water filter for your Samsung Fridge comes with some complications, and you might be unsure how to install or replace them. All of that said, the cost adds up on a six month replacement schedule. We recommend you replace your fridge filter every 6 months. In this […]

Water Filter Annual Service

Water Filter Service   A water filter service should be carried out at least once every year on all water filtration equipment. The systems need to be maintained by trained water treatment technicians or may eventually experience bacteria growth within your water filter machine or worse, a leak. An annual service […]

Under Sink Water Filter System

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 4 RO Water Filter Simple Set Up Faucet Filter Express Water-White FRIDGE WATER FILTERS

So, you’ve been considering buying one of our under sink water filter systems for a while now but are still unsure which one to buy. Here’s a run down of our best sellers. 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis – The Supreme RO System will transform the stuff from your kitchen tap […]

COVID-19 Plan Of Action

As a country and a community we’re going through a very unusual journey at this moment in time. Our business has been closed for a long period and naturally, like most other businesses, we will struggle to recover from this economic disaster. Once movement restrictions are eased and we’re allowed […]