Under Sink Water Filter System

So, you’ve been considering buying one of our under sink water filter systems for a while now but are still unsure which one to buy. Here’s a run down of our best sellers.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis The Supreme RO System will transform the stuff from your kitchen tap into the best, cleanest & clearest water possible.

The purpose of this particular model is to remove all impurities from the supply. Minerals such as calcium & magnesium are lost during the filtration process but can be replenished by adding the Supreme mineralizer.

The product comes with it’s own dedicated chrome goose neck filter tap and as a result of this, there’s no possibility of cross contamination with your main unfiltered kitchen tap. Get one installed in your home today, see here

7 Stage Reverse Osmosis System – This Supreme RO unit has 7 stages of high quality filtration which also replenishes vital minerals lost during the process. The PH levels of the water are also balanced. Currently our best seller and well priced.

The machine itself, along with the 5 litre storage tank will fit perfectly into most under sink spaces. A twin handle chrome tap is also featured with this model giving you the option of dispensing mineralized or demineralized water. Currently on sale here

Osmio D7 Direct Flow RO –
The Osmio D7 is a superb quality under sink water filter system. Reverse Osmosis membrane inside. The main difference between the D7 & the conventional RO unit is it’s tankless design and sleek looks.

Without the need for a storage tank, the Osmio D7 Direct Flow RO uses a 300GPD membrane and produces purified water on demand 24/7 from a snazzy brushed steel single faucet. Not only that, the waste water discharge from this machine is a fraction of it’s market equivalents.

A space saver model and also reasonably priced. Very little stock left so order yours today. Installations also available nationwide. Take a look at the product in our online store here

If you have any questions about any of our products, click here to make contact with our team or check out our external blog at the following link

COVID-19 Plan Of Action

As a country and a community we’re going through a very unusual journey at this moment in time. Our business has been closed for a long period and naturally, like most other businesses, we will struggle to recover from this economic disaster.

Once movement restrictions are eased and we’re allowed back to work, it’s vital that our staff take maximum precautions and also that our customers respect the abnormal steps that need to be taken in order for our technicians to carry out their work.

As everyone knows, the technicians love a chit chat with our customers but unfortunately, we will need to restrict the amount of interaction while visiting you (ah sorry) 😋

Here’s The Plan During Routine Water Filter Service

  1. Our technicians will call when outside the door
  2. Allow them in but they must not touch door handles or handles on cupboard door. Please make sure there’s access to under sink.
  3. Technicians will wear fresh sanitised gloves and facial protection. If they need to go to the van at any stage, a new pair of gloves are needed.
  4. We will sanitise any area we touched before leaving the house like tap handle or any surface.
  5. We will not be able to remove old filters from the house so please dispose of them in general waste bin.

Making a Payment

Preferably, payment will be made over the phone to our office. We can also send you a payment link where you can pay by PayPal or Card.

Spread The Cost With FlexiFi

Did you know, all of our products and services can now be financed over 6-12 months. Apply online here for approval in 15 minutes. Pay a small fee up front and the remainder over the desired period of time. You can also upgrade your system using the finance method.

Thank you from our team

We would just like to thank all of our customers for their continued support, it’s really appreciated. Stay safe and hopefully we get to see you soon.

Water Quality in Dublin

Firstly, this blog post is not to criticise Irish Water or any group scheme provider in the county of Dublin. We’re a small water treatment company based in Dublin 3 and have seen it all when it comes to water filtration and water quality issues around the country.

Apart from the elephant in the room that is, Fluoride, the water quality in Dublin produced by the treatment plants is pretty good. Yes, we had a severe boil water notice in effect recently but overall, the water treatment network has a very good record with minimal disruption to the end user.

All that said, there are housing estates in Dublin with drinking water that has the highest levels of Lead content ever seen in this country. As much as everyone would love to blame Irish Water for this, the responsibility is actually down to the home owner to rectify this severe problem.

Why is it MY Responsibility?

Dublin City Council & now Irish Water have taken significant steps over the past few years to improve the water pipe network across the county. Chances are, if an old Lead pipe is leeching poisonous lead into your drinking water, it’s possibly located under your front garden and this is absolutely not the responsibility of Irish Water. There are grants to have the pipe work replaced but it’s still quite expensive. €3000+. Take you and your families health seriously, take action to fix the problem yourself if you can.

Other Issues That Effect My Drinking Water in Dublin

More often than not, when we visit our customers to replace their water filters, they’re shocked at the state of the old cartridges. Sediment, sand and other gloopy substances stick to the outer core of the cartridge. While it’s possible for dirty water to enter the home from outside, the actual cause of the disgusting looking filters is normally from old corroded pipe work installed in the house. Usually old copper pipes will begin to deteriorate and cause issues for the water filter system.

Limescale in North Dublin is another major issue for residents. The problems can range from dry skin, faulty home appliances to electric showers breaking down or heating elements packing in. If you’re unsure as to whether you have hard water or not, open your kettle and look inside. If you can see a white chalk residue, you have limescale. This will eventually give you grief somewhere in the near future.

What Can I do to Solve These Problems?

We have a range of water filter systems for our customers suffering with poor water quality in Dublin.

For the removal of Lead and all other impurities from your drinking water only, we highly recommend a 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System. This provides water quality which surpasses any bottled water.

“I have limescale in my entire home, what can you offer me?” We have the highest quality water softeners & limescale protection systems in the country. Please check out our range here

We Offer Finance Packages To Buy Now & Pay Later

We understand that not many people will wish to pay in full up front for one of these systems, especially during the current economic climate. Our partnership with FlexiFi Ireland enable you to pay only €10 up front and spread the rest of the cost of any of our systems over 6-12 months. Apply online now and get a decision within 15 minutes.

A Water Filter System – No Installation Required!

One subject that’s on everyone’s mind right now across the globe is the Covid-19 pandemic. As a company, our main business involves our technicians visiting homes across Ireland and installing our water filter systems. Now that we’re under strict lock down, this side of the business has unfortunately ceased, albeit temporarily.

With so many people remaining at home for the next few weeks, the demand for clean domestic mains water will increase. The risk of contaminated water entering the supply will rise with possibilities of boil water notices being implemented. We have already seen several “Do not consume” notices being issued by authorities in the west of the country. This will inevitably get worse before it gets better.

A Pure Water Filter Option Without The Installation

Although our installations have ceased, fortunately we’re licensed to sell the worlds most efficient reverse osmosis water filter system on the market. This water filter machine is fully portable and produces the highest quality of drinking water with a fraction of the water wasted from conventional reverse osmosis products.

A sleek looking machine available in black or white and retails at €399 (Cheapest price for this product in Ireland & the UK). Order now and have it delivered within 3 working days. No installation necessary, simply fill the 5 litre pitcher with tap water, plug it in and enjoy fresh pure filtered water on demand 24 hours a day.

What Other Functions Does This Water Filter Have?

Well, apart from producing high quality ultra filtered ambient water, this incredible machine also offers you 3 other water temperatures ideal for babies bottles, tea, coffee and instant boiling water for cooking soups or pasta without the impurities. Sounds good right?

Please see our product page for the Osmio Zero Reverse Osmosis System and a full list of features and descriptions.

Aqua Filter Warehouse is one of the best online stores where you can find any kind of water softening system. We have stocked all kinds of water purifiers, RO systems, and water filter cartridges. Visit our web store https://aquafilterwarehouse.eu/buy-now/

Limescale Accumulation Is Deadly: Save Yourself With Water Softening System

As we discussed water and how it benefits our health and what are the side effects of drinking unclean water. We might have helped you understand the importance of water in your body and how contaminated water is destroying your system. Almost 40% of humans die of water-borne diseases every year. To safeguard yourself from this epidemic, installing yourself with a water purifier can save you in hard times. 

Also, people have reported on many forums and survey’s that they notice limescale in their kettle, shower doors & shower heads etc. This is because, you live in a hard water area. You can also notice the accumulation of limescale on your faucets and sink tops. Most of us clean them as soon as we notice but do you believe this will resolve the issue? Imagine how much limescale you consumed in the last decade. 

Why Limescale Accumulation Is Not Healthy?

The limescale water also known as hard water is full of calcium carbonate concentration. The amount of magnesium and calcium is not balanced in hard water which is the main reason why you face the issue of dry skin. 

You can find several issues people face through limescale accumulation. Several layers of limescale are found around the heating component inside your kettle or heating element. This extends the period of time it takes to heat the water which is why you are watching a high increase in your energy bill. 

If you have realized the danger of limescale by now, preventing the build-up of limescale in or around the heating components will benefit you by saving you money. Also, the prevention of limescale build-up will affect the taste of tea or beverage you drink on a regular basis. You will enjoy the flavor more than ever.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Rid Of Limescale Accumulation?

  • Prolongs the extent of pipework, appliances, boilers, etc
  • Decreases your everyday energy costs
  • Diminishes the excess amount of cleansers needed
  • Amends the quality of tap water 

What Is The Solution?

You can do research and find numerous blogs explaining to you how to get rid of limescale. For your convenience, we have created a list of the solution to get rid of such a hazardous problem. 

Descaling agent:

Descaling agent also known as Chemical Descalers come in a variety of diverse forms. If you need it to use inside kettles, the descaling agent contains Lactic Acid, and, for industrial purposes, Phosphoric Acid is utilized. The farmer who uses water in hard water areas, use Nitric Acid infused straight into your spraying system.

Water Softening Method:

Water softening also known as water softeners are Ion Exchange Resin Devices that comprise of an organic resin primed with sodium ions. As the hard water crosses through the water softener the sodium ions are then released in exchange for Calcium and Magnesium ions. Now, after all the ions have been exchanged, the resin is restored in a salt solution comprising sodium ions.

Aqua Filter Warehouse is the best supplier of water purifiers, chlorine water filters, and water softening system. We believe that limescale is dangerous for your health and we want everyone to be safe and healthy at all costs. After using Aqua Filter Warehouse water softening system, you will not face limescale issues. Now you can enjoy cleaner kettles, coffee machines, and other appliances. 

Check out our FilterCal Limescale prevention system. A salt free alternative to the traditional ion exchange salt based water softener. https://aquafilterwarehouse.eu/product/filtercal-water-softening-system/

Our UK site also stocks this excellent system https://aquafilterwarehouse.co.uk/product/filtercal-water-softening-system/