Osmio INDRA-100 Undersink Filter Kit & Tap


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Osmio INDRA-100 Undersink Filter Kit & Tap

✓ For removal of chlorine, taste odours and sediment type of Osmio INDRA-100 Undersink Water Filter Kit

✓ High capacity filter 13,000 litres or 3000 US Gallons

✓ Easy and low cost filter change every 6 months

✓ Easy to fit

The Osmio INDRA-100 Undersink Water Filter Kit with Tap is the perfect water filter system for those looking to improve the taste of water by removing chlorine as well as many common impurities such as sediment, dirt, turbidity, rust, sand and silt.

The system uses the NSF certified Carbon Block filter made from coconut shells with 12,000 iodine, making them amongst the best specification carbon filter on the market. The filter primarily removes bad taste and odour caused by chlorine (a chemical used to treat and disinfect the water) and the filter also reduces lots of other industrial solvents, disinfection byproducts and chemicals, as well as pesticides.

The kit includes everything you need to get the system up and running and is easy to install.

The full kit includes:

1 off 10″ Housing with 1/2″ BSP Brass Female Ports

1 off 2.5 x 10 Carbon Block 5 Micron

1 of Your choice of tap – both lead free and options of Chrome or Brushed steel. Default is chrome.

1 off 1/2″ (male-female) Feed In Valve with 1/4″ Adaptor

2 off 1/2″ Male to 1/4″ Push Fit

2 metres of 1/4″ Tubing

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