Aqua Optima Oria Water Jug + 1 60 Day Filter + 1 Free Hydration Bottle


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  • 2 MONTHS STARTER PACK: Includes 1 x Aqua Optima Oria jug, , 1 x Evolve 60-day water filter cartridge & 1 x blue water bottle
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: With a slim footprint the Oria water filter jug is designed to fit most fridge doors and has a total 2.8 litre and a 1.4 litre filtered water capacity. Jug dimensions are: Height 250mm, Width 260mm, Depth 110mm
  • EASY FILL LID: For ease of use the Oria water filter jugs have a easy fill pour through lid and fast flow filtration technology
  • REMOVE IMPURITIES: Our patented 5-step water filtration technology efficiently filters tap water to reduce impurities including microplastics, chlorine, limescale, herbicides, pesticides, lead and heavy metals
  • BENEFITS: The many benefits of filtered tap water include better tasting hot and cold drinks and improved look and taste of cooked vegetables. Filtered water also extends the life of your kitchen appliances.
  • SAVE MONEY, REDUCE PLASTIC WASTE: Filtered water is up to 95% more economical than botted water. Each Evolve+ filter cartridge replaces the need for 100 (1x litre) plastic bottles
  • RECYCLE: Both the Oria water filter jug and Evolve+ filter cartridges are 100% fully recyclable. Aqua Optima has partnered with TerraCycle to offer a way to recycle our water filters as a commitment to the environment and in order to tackle single use plastics.
  • SAFETY: The plastic materials used in the manufacture of Aqua Optima water filter jugs and filter cartridges are BPA free.

The Aqua Optima Oria water filtration jug plus 1 60 day water filter cartridge and a FREE hydration water bottle. The Oria offers outstanding functionality with its extra large 2.8 litre capacity and stylish slimline design, allowing it to be stored inside most fridge doors. Including an easy fill lid and compatibility with Aqua Optima’s fast flow 5-step filtration technology, the Oria will provide purer, great tasting water for all the family.

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