Mains Water Self Piercing Saddle Valve Clamp


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Mains Water Self Piercing Saddle Valve Clamp €9.99

Get the Spectrum Mains Water Clamp Self-Piercing Saddle Valve for Water Filter Systems. Known as Saddle valve, which has a self-piercing handle that can be easily used on any water filter system and reverse osmosis water filter. This accessory is especially useful when moving your water filter system to a new property as the saddle valve pierces the pipe and so must be left where it is (unless you have the pipe repaired of course). This type of saddle valve is used to make a connection to your water filter system from standard copper mains cold water pipes of either 15mm or 9mm. You can connect this saddle valve without having to turn off your mains water supply at the rising main as it has the self-piercing mechanism.

On all copper cold water pipe to get water feed connection to any water filter
Connect cold water feed undersink/other to 1/4″ ldpe pipe
Used to connect to multiple different water filters including reverse osmosis systems, connection to undersink drinking water filters and fridge filters with 1/4″ ldpe pipe.

Self Piercing Needle Clamp Saddle Valve

Will fit 9mm to 15mm copper.  It comes with all parts like 1/4″ pipe insert and Olive ready for immediate install.

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