Reverse Osmosis Diaphragm Pump


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USAGE: Reverse Osmosis Diaphragm Pump
Can be used on domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Reverse osmosis is the process that separates salt and other contaminants from water and other fluids. The most efficient reverse osmosis systems utilize high pressure to purify large volumes of Soft water. On large marine vessels and in remote areas of the world, much of the water comes directly from the ocean. With no cups, packings or seals, the Hydra-Cell pump is ideally suited to deliver smooth, high pressure sea water to the separation membranes of the reverse osmosis unit. This replacement booster pump can be used for Reverse Osmosis diaphragm pump system.

It pumps the water through the reverse osmosis filter at 80psi.
It comes with the pump and Ballast/Power supply.

Model: TYP 2500 Series
Input Volt: 24VDC
Working Pressure: 80psi
Pressure Bypass: > or equal to 125psi
Flow @ 80psi: > or equal to 0.6 LPM
Current @ 80psi: less than or equal to 0.6 AMP
Capacity: 50gpdhttp://In the market for a new System? Check out our selection

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