Shut Off Valve - 1/4" (6mm) Push Fit


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Shut Off Valve – 1/4″ (6mm) Push Fit €3.99

Insert this fitting after the feed water connection prior to the first stage of the water filtering either on your water system or fridge freezer water filter. This allows you to simply turn the lever to the on or off position when required making filter changes easier as you can isolate the water flow immediately using Shut Off Valve.

Saves having to go back to the pipework feed connection to turn off water!

Remove Blue locking clips with your nail on both sides. Insert your tubing firmly but carefully into each side until you feel the tubing tightly fitted. Reinsert locking clips to complete installation.

Turn lever to the on or off position.

For use with 1/4 Inch water filter tube.

Use this handy device to provide a shut off facility to your water filter system. By simply turning the blue handle, you will shut off supply to your water filter or water cooler system.
The shut off valve is very useful for use with Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, Fridge water filters, Fish tanks, Ice makers, Coffee Machines, Home breweries, Water Coolers, Hot Water taps and many other applications.
Otherwise known as a “ball-valve” the shut off valve is the most reliable and high quality with NSF certification (standard 51 and 62) and FDA approved materials, guaranteeing safety with soft water and food applications

Features :
Fast and precise.

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