Smith's Mason Jar 5 Litre Glass Drinks Dispenser with Stainless Tap Spigot | Punch Dispenser | Drink Pitcher with Spout


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  • Be the Envy of the neighbours when they come over for the next BBQ with Smiths Dispenser 5-LITRE Drink Dispenser with a STAINLESS STEEL SPIGOT is built to last, and the only one on the market that has any real Longevity. As with the other brands, EITHER THE PLASTIC ONES DON'T LAST OR THEY LEAK trust us! We tested them ALL!
  • DESIGNED WITH A UNIQUE MESH TO LET you enjoy drinking fresh fruit juice using fruit bits and slices without any blockages. You'll get not one (1) but TWO (2) Mesh filters just in case you lose one. When the Spigot is Blocked, you can simply take out the Mesh, wash it and you're ready to go. While the other dispenser you have to dismantle the tap.
  • BUILT WITH DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY GLASS AND TESTED WITH hot water - BUT if you are in a COLDER REGION the glass will break if you add boiling water to cold glass directly. Please HEAT the glass with hot water if you are going to add boiling water to AVOID breakages.
  • ENJOY FREE FLOWING DRINKS WITH our Unique Sealed lid. We've made sure that the top is SEALED so no bugs will get in. Vacuum occurs sometimes so REMOVE THE ORANGE RUBBER SEAL if you have slow flow to increase the pour speed.
  • WE OFFER 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE SO IF THE products do arrive broke or cracked, we will be happy to REFUND OR REPLACE please CONTACT US DIRECTLY. We are real people who use our own products everyday. We expect the best for our families and want the same for yours. As a small family-owned Proudly British Company 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧, we strive for the best customer experience that we can give.

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