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Our number 1 focus is to provide our customers with crystal clear purified drinking water for their homes & businesses throughout Ireland. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you today.

A Water Filter

We supply a vast range of drinking water filters here

Supreme 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis -
is a superb quality under sink water filter systems along with our unique range of whole house limescale removal water softeners. Whatever it is you need, our team of water quality advisers are here to help you.

Ireland's No.1
water filters

We’re a small water treatment
company based in Dublin 3 and have
seen it all when it comes to water filtration and water quality issues around the country. Our technicians operate nationwide.

The Best in Water Treatment Technology

Aqua Filter Warehouse provides only the highest quality water purification & treatment products available on the market today. For fast installation, order your chosen product here or call us for on the spot information & scheduling times! We offer a nationwide service using our elite network of water treatment professionals.

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