10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridge €9.99


Weight: 1kg

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– Removes up to 99% free chlorine from water
– Removes organic contaminants
– Removes phenol and benzene from water
– Removes up to 85% of pesticides of chlorine origin
– Improves the taste and smell of water
– Fits most 10 “pipe bodies, under-sink systems,

  osmotic and two-stage free standing filters available on the market
– PZH approved

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10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridge €9.99


Carbon insert made of specially processed high density carbon, having a high capacity for adsorption of chlorine and other organic impurities contained in water. Especially recommended for reverse osmosis under-sink systems. High density coal has a much larger surface area, which makes it more effective.

Carbon Block Filter  extruded carbon with enhanced adsorptive capacity. This carbon block water filter cartridge provide your home with pure, healthy and clean water by using a filter. Carbon Block Filter are made with coconut shell based carbon which creates what many believed to be sweeter tasting water. Cartridge is designed for use in Under Sink Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Applications but not for whole house applications.

The insert was designed for SUPREME Reverse Osmosis systems. It can also be installed in traditional filters and bodies.

The insert is compatible with the majority of 10 “bodies and filters available on the market. It has a current PZH certificate, which allows the product to come into contact with drinking soft water.



Do you have the option of a replacement if something bad happens to my package?
We are fully responsible for your package. Therefore, we will replace the 10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridge free of charge in case it breaks or gets lost.

How do you pack the orders?
We follow a strict policy of creating durable and secure packages that prevent the items you’ve ordered from damage. Therefore, you can be sure it arrives in  perfect condition.

Does the delivery time you state here match the actual delivery period?
We always do everything possible to calculate the time of your delivery in the most accurate way. Yet, there could be some setbacks during shipping that we’re not able to predict. Still, the delay won’t exceed several days.

I got a question, but I don’t know how to contact your support service?
You will find the contact details of our support team at the bottom of the page, so feel free to get in touch with our service with any questions about any of our listed products or services. Please contact us with any questions about the 10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridge


Are there more options?
There are many water filter cartridges available. Check out our selection of replacement water filter cartridges here If you’re interested in purchasing a water filter system, click here

 In production, do you use materials that smell?
The materials used to manufacture our 10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridges are odorless & made with the highest quality BPA Free Plastics.

Will I have to pay extra fees when buying your 10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridge?
On the checkout page, you will see the total price. This is the final price, so no extra expenses will be necessary.

Does this product have any strengths in the eyes of its previous buyers?
Quality comes above all. So our clients keep leaving positive reviews on our Google page telling us how good our products are.

Am I a smart shopper if I buy it?
Our store sells products of premium quality only. Meanwhile, our prices are one of the lowest on the market. That’s why all of our customers are happy with their purchases. We’re sure you’ll like the 10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridge too. Check out our blog post


Weight 1 kg


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