FilterCal Whole House Chemicals & Metals Removal INSTALLATION INCLUDED


Weight: 10kg

999.00 1,299.00 SAVE 23%

Benefits of using a FilterCal Carbon System

  • Removes Microplastics
  • Removes Chlorine
  • Removes THMs also known as Trihalomethanes
  • Removes Pesticides, Herbicides and Nitrates
  • Removes Copper, Lead and other Heavy Metals
  • Removes Hormones and Drug Residues
  • Leaves Skin and Hair feeling smooth and silky



FilterCAL Whole House Chemicals & Metals Removal €999 INSTALLATION INCLUDED


  • Stage one: 5 micron sediment filter. Removes particles ,dirt, sand, silt, sediment, and rust from water that can affect the Filtercal System
  • Stage two: Our best selling FilterCal Whole House Chlorine & Metals removal media
  • Supreme 3 Stage Drinking Water Filter & Tap Included

    Firstly, why not view our blog on chlorine filters –


Features: FilterCal Chemicals & Metals Removal

  • Filters the incoming water supply for your entire home
  • Removes up to 95% of sediment, chlorine, rust & metals
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 125°F
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 125 PSI (8.6 bar)

Most important, Your Installation is Carried Out By Our Expert Crew.

Aqua Filter Warehouse are proud licence holders of the FilterCal Whole House brand

RO Drinking Water Filter & Tap Included

Our world class Supreme 7 stage drinking water filter system. This high class water filter unit will remove all harmful impurities. A great choice for your health.

The list includes, bacteria, fluoride, sediment, sand, silt & a host of others. An Italian chrome drinking water filter tap is installed on the corner of your sink or counter top and dispenses the purest water you and your family could ever dream of.

In conclusion, this machine is the perfect partner for your FilterCal Chemicals & Metals Removal unit.
As a result, you will no longer need to worry about a boil water notice because you will have the best water treatment system available.

You can order your reverse osmosis system on our website immediately because we’re always open for your business. Why not contact us on our live chat for more information on our water filter range.

Our offices are now open from 9am until 5pm daily. Don’t delay, call today!

Weight 10 kg


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