FT-Line VE Water Filter System


Weight: 3kg

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FT-Line VE Water Filter System


FT-Line VE Water Filter System

The FT-Line VE model is a high quality inline filter system ideal for both domestic and commercial use where improved taste and odour and limescale treatment is required. The system is therefore an ideal choice of inline filter for anyone seeking a high quality and reliable unit, with easy maintenance and lower running costs.

The system can be used with a separate tap or used with a 3 way tap for installation at the home.

The FT-LINE Ve 2-Stage filtration process uses 1 activated carbon filter with silicopolyphosphates and 1 sediment 5 micron with assembly kit and sink tap to substantially reduce sedimants and contaminants while significantly improving the taste of the water. It is a modular system for treating water with single-uses bayonet connection filters

For commercial applications, the unit is ideal for coffee and espresso machines, vending machines, drinking water fountains and so on. The filters protect your machine from the build up of limescale and will improve the taste of the Soft water .

Effectively Removes:

Chlorine,Taste and Odor, Lead, Turbidity


  • Box dimensions: 275*385*125
  • Weight: 1800gr
  • Max pressure: 125psi /8.6 bar
  • Max flow: 0.25gpm / 1 lpm
  • Service life: 2600 gallons / 10000 litres
  • Maximum temperature: 38C
  • Minimum temperature: 2C

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Weight 3 kg