Aquarium Air Pump Mini USB Oxygen Energy Saving Bubbler with Air Stone and Single Outlet Silicone Tube 1W


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  • 🐟【Super Silent】The fish tank air pump adopts a supercharged electric ceramic motor, which has stable oxygen supply, low heat generation and low noise. It is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and offices.
  • 🐟【Portable Airpump】Small size, 150g weight, easy to fit into the pocket, with aluminum alloy buckle, can be easily fixed on the surrounding objects.
  • 🐟【USB Plug】The usb plug increases the portability of the aquarium air pump and is compatible with mobile power supplies, mobile phone chargers, car chargers, computers, etc. The usb cable is 136cm long.
  • 🐟【Low Energy Consumption】The power consumption of this oxygen air pump is only 1W, the maximum flow is 210 L/H, the service life is long, and the energy saving effect is good. If it is plugged into a 10000MAH power supply, it can last up to about 50 hours.
  • 🐟【Scope of application】The oxygen fish tank bubbler is widely used in outdoor occasions such as field fishing, fish transportation, fish sales, etc. It is also suitable for small and medium aquariums, fish tanks, small ponds, etc.

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