Reverse Osmosis 4 Way Shut Off Valve


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Reverse Osmosis 4 Way Shut Off Valve

With Reverse Osmosis Systems

It utilizes the back pressure created by the Storage Pressure Tank (or Float valve were used) to shut off the water supply to the Reverse Osmosis membrane.

If your RO system is continuously having waste water flowing down the drain even after the tank is full, then you may need to replace your old aso valve with this replacement as mo Valve.


Aqua Filter Warehouse Auto Shut off Valve for Reverse Osmosis System Filters. Easily Suited for common RO water filter Purifiers available in European market, Compatible with many RO Brands and Models-Can be used in multiple water purifier Models–Counter Top, Desk Top, Stand Mounted, Wall Hanging,Under Sink, most of the RO Model cabinets.

1/4″ pushfit Shut Off Valve Quick Connect Fit Type.

PACKAGES INCLUDED:1 Pcs of High Quality RO-4 Way Auto Shut Off – 1/4″ Size as Shown in Photo + Teflon Tape with this pack


When the pressure of the original water is 60 PSI, the valve automatically shuts off when tank pressure reaches or over 36-38 PSI. When the pressure of the tank under 30-32 PSI, the valve will automatically open.

Easily avail the Reverse Osmosis 4 Way Shut Off Valve from Aqua Filter Warehouse 

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