Limescale Effects And Why People Should Install A Water Softener Today!

Water is life! And we all believe water has amazing power which keeps us alive and healthy at all times. Without water, you would face serious consequences regarding health. The following is a quick blog post on hard water and the effects it has on your appliances, heating system and showers/baths etc. Many households across Europe suffer with limescale issues and it’s only when their expensive boiler or shower breaks down that they decide to take action.

By installing a water softening system in your home, it will completely resolve your hard water problems. Installing a water softener which is capable of preventing the development of lime-scale on shower accessories and in water faucets will be the best investment you could make. There is always a reason for installing a water softening system. 

Hard water is not easy to identify but it’s leftover sign is not difficult to notice. Water is almost full of important minerals but the excess of magnesium and calcium will leave a mark on anything it comes in contact with. After cleaning the dishes, you will notice a pale white or yellowish color on your kitchenette and lavatory faucets. Also, after a while, they will start getting accumulated on the shower heads.

Now, as the lime-scale starts to build-up, it can clog nearly every kitchen/bathroom appliances in your house. If you do not believe us, check your coffee maker or water heater for a white substance accumulating around the corners. If you neglect the white or yellow substance, it can result in high costs of repairing or replacement jobs. Furthermore, you can also notice a white buildup of your beer mugs, crystal clear glasses, and porcelain; these are just a few examples. 

Water softener systems work by using a method known as ion exchange. It will replace calcium and magnesium ions that are responsible for the cause of water hardness with sodium ions. These softening systems consist of resin beads that carry out the ion exchange process.

Why Does Water Need To Be Softened And Why It Is Important?

  • Hard water is not responsible for causing any kind of health issues apart from kidney stones. But it can become a grave concern in terms of the condition of water appliances. The build up of limescale can also ruin your plumbing system in general and clog copper pipes etc.
  • Also, lime-scale accumulation in a plumbing system is capable of obstructing water flow to the faucets. Moreover, it also decreases the effectiveness of bath and washing soap by making it difficult for them to fully dissolve in the water. Particles of the soap connect to minerals and form residue, which can ravage the clothing fiber. If the water is hard, soap will not dissolve and you need to add a little extra which is ineffective anyway. 
  • The lime-scale accumulation, if left unchecked can cause harm to all faucets and water-dependent appliances. It is surely easier to limit the development of lime-scale than face its outgrowths. A water softening system can determine the hard water dilemma and convert the hard water into soft water easily and effectively. 

Benefits Of Installing A Water Softening System:

  • Installing a water softening system is capable of improving your soap and detergent effectiveness of cleaning your clothes without damaging the fiber. 
  • The life of a daily-use appliance is extended. Also, a water softening system is significant to fancy appliances. Limescale has caused damage to water-using appliances, which is going to increase the cost of repairs. 
  • Also, appliances which are full of lime-scale accumulation may use up more power. It will increase your energy bills and your equipment will become inefficient and eventually break down.
  • Soft water is soothing on your hair and skin. Also, it is safe to use in washing clothes. As there is no hard water present, detergent has increased efficiency of keeping your cleaner and brighter.

There are several reasons why you should avoid using hard water. If you are now convinced why your clothes are not shiny and why you are losing hair luster, installing a water softening system can be a blessing to you and your family. 

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Limescale Accumulation Is Deadly: Save Yourself With Water Softening System

As we discussed water and how it benefits our health and what are the side effects of drinking unclean water. We might have helped you understand the importance of water in your body and how contaminated water is destroying your system. Almost 40% of humans die of water-borne diseases every year. To safeguard yourself from this epidemic, installing yourself with a water purifier can save you in hard times. 

Also, people have reported on many forums and survey’s that they notice limescale in their kettle, shower doors & shower heads etc. This is because, you live in a hard water area. You can also notice the accumulation of limescale on your faucets and sink tops. Most of us clean them as soon as we notice but do you believe this will resolve the issue? Imagine how much limescale you consumed in the last decade. 

Why Limescale Accumulation Is Not Healthy?

The limescale water also known as hard water is full of calcium carbonate concentration. The amount of magnesium and calcium is not balanced in hard water which is the main reason why you face the issue of dry skin. 

You can find several issues people face through limescale accumulation. Several layers of limescale are found around the heating component inside your kettle or heating element. This extends the period of time it takes to heat the water which is why you are watching a high increase in your energy bill. 

If you have realized the danger of limescale by now, preventing the build-up of limescale in or around the heating components will benefit you by saving you money. Also, the prevention of limescale build-up will affect the taste of tea or beverage you drink on a regular basis. You will enjoy the flavor more than ever.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Rid Of Limescale Accumulation?

  • Prolongs the extent of pipework, appliances, boilers, etc
  • Decreases your everyday energy costs
  • Diminishes the excess amount of cleansers needed
  • Amends the quality of tap water 

What Is The Solution?

You can do research and find numerous blogs explaining to you how to get rid of limescale. For your convenience, we have created a list of the solution to get rid of such a hazardous problem. 

Descaling agent:

Descaling agent also known as Chemical Descalers come in a variety of diverse forms. If you need it to use inside kettles, the descaling agent contains Lactic Acid, and, for industrial purposes, Phosphoric Acid is utilized. The farmer who uses water in hard water areas, use Nitric Acid infused straight into your spraying system.

Water Softening Method:

Water softening also known as water softeners are Ion Exchange Resin Devices that comprise of an organic resin primed with sodium ions. As the hard water crosses through the water softener the sodium ions are then released in exchange for Calcium and Magnesium ions. Now, after all the ions have been exchanged, the resin is restored in a salt solution comprising sodium ions.

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Maintain Your Water Purifier Regularly To Boost Your Health

So you have installed yourself a water purifier after researching every tiptoe on it. Also, after all that research, you might not have any doubts at all. But you need to keep one thing in mind that all machine needs regular maintenance. And neglecting the maintenance part can make the water purifier a contaminated machine. A machine that will not be able to clean your water from a dangerous chemical that you are receiving from the municipal corporation every day. 

Drinking safe and clean water should be your priority if you are a family guy. Because a happy family stays healthy no matter what. But if recently your kids or your spouse is constantly going to the doctor and complaining about constant illness, contaminated water might be the reason. And this is one reason why maintaining a water purifier is so crucial for every user. 

Here are certain tips to maintain your reverse osmosis system:

Observing Your Purifier On A Regular Basis:

Once you bought yourself the RO system, it is your duty to observe your device for any signs of malfunction or damages. Any kind of purifier whether it is an UF, UV Or an RO water purifier, keeping a check on the functionality of the machine is important. It is not a difficult task since every time your water purifying system has a technical difficulty; it will give you an alert sign. This feature is installed in every system today. Most of the companies have given two alert features depending on the water purifier. One has the display feature which is to monitor the quality of water you are drinking. If you are tasting your water with a fishy taste, it is the indication that your system is damaged. 

Make Sure To Replace The Parts Occasionally:

If you are one of those who constantly keep a check, you might have a hawk-eye for damaged parts. And once you notice a damaged part neglecting to replace it is not a good idea. Replacing it on a regular basis can increase the life of your machine. You can ask for a manual from the company, so you can have suggested instruction to replace and add the new part to your device. If you are not sure, you can call the company and they will send you the experts who will be able to help you assist in keeping your device just like new. 

Add Water, But Let It Rest First:

Often, we add water without checking whether it is clean or dirty. Adding dirty water into your purifying system is one of the main reasons for making your water purifier breakdown. So, make sure not burden your device with dirty water. You can follow a process by filling a bucket with water and let the water rest itself. Once you notice the dirt is at the bottom. Add the water to your purifier. The reason why experts suggest this way is to let the TDS sink and rest and the bottom which makes water safer and cleaner.  

Make Sure To Regularly Clean Your Water Purifier:

This is the major point that some of us often neglect. If you do not clean the water on a regular basis, it will disable the purification system which will not let the device work optimally. If you are a regular cleaner, make sure to make use of ideal sanitation tools that includes an explicitly sized purification tank, a pump injection with high speed to clean the dirt out and a disinfectant cartridge filter to clear the dirt dislodged during the sterilization process.

Disinfect the filters used in the purifier regularly:

Last but not least, make sure to use the non-toxic disinfectant to clean your filters. It is the best way to assist in dispersing the containments that lead to being developed inside the water purifier filter due to long-term use.

Following the tips mentioned above will help you maintain the water purifier to work for a long time. If you are seeking a better and sophisticated water purifier with reverse osmosis, Aqua Filter Warehouse is one of the renowned companies that deals and stocks in the best water purifiers in the UK area. Call us or visit our website and one of our experts will get in touch with you about the details you need. 

Water Purifier, A Way Of Sustaining A Healthy Life

Today you cannot find clean and safe drinking water anywhere these days. The rise in population, development in industries and degradation of the environment is creating havoc on the planet. In such situations, it is really necessary to become aware of water purification techniques. The real reason why you should be aware of these techniques is to safeguard yourself from harmful chemicals and viruses present in the water. 

One of the easiest purification method present in the market these days are chlorine water purifiers also known as RO (Reverse Osmosis) system. These water purifiers are creating a hype among today’s generation because of its remarkable benefits. Drinking safe and clean water is the most important thing in today’s polluted civilization.  

One of the most primitive means of purifying the water was to add chlorine in the water. Chlorine is an agent that discharges hydrochloric acid, which reacts with the microorganisms and eliminates them. However, chlorine has some negative effects on health. The reason is that it is incapable of killing a certain type of protozoa. Their protozoa are highly contagious and can make you sick. Some of the diseases include kidney and bladder cancer. 

Before buying a water purifier, make sure to verify certain things that might save you from buying an expensive and ineffective water purifier. Remember buying an overpriced water purifier might be your way, but not all expensive things.

Steps To Follow Before Buying a Water Purifier:

Step 1:

First, you need to verify the water’s chemistry. By knowing and understanding the chemistry of the water, you will find out the level of contamination in water. If you or one of your friend have a laboratory, you can perform a general water test. It involves obtaining out cumulative nitrate/nitrites, pH, (TDS), fluoride, organic carbon contaminants, coli form bacteria which is generally found in pesticides and industrial pollution. If you do not own a laboratory or do not have access to get a water test, a water purifier test expert can be your good option. 

Step 2

Determine whether you need a water purifier for your entire house water system or just for the tap water. This is one of the major deciding factors buying a water purifier. It will give you an estimate of whether to buy water expensive or simple aqua purifiers. 

Step 3:

Go online and make a list of various brands. Check all the specifications and components which makes it better. Also, consult your friends or relatives, if they are using any water purifiers. This is the best way to make sure that you are buying a trustable brand of water purifier. 

Step 4: 

While researching, you will come around a variety of filters and membranes that are not cheap. So during the search of water purifiers, make sure to compare the features and prices of the water purifiers on all kinds of platforms like Walmart, nearby stores or online. Once you have made a decision, it is necessary to ask for the machine’s maintenance cost. If it is as per your budget, make sure to finalize it to safeguard yourself and your family. 

Step 5

Now, the last and final part that you need to consider when entering the shop to buy a water purifier is to ask certain questions that might change your family’s healthy life. Find a salesman and ask a series of questions:

  1. Is the water purifier certified by a distinguished organization such as NSF, WQA, and FDA
  2. How often the containment filter/membrane requires to be refined or replaced?
  3. Warranty on the components of the machine and how many free services are the company willing to offer?
  4. It is advised by experts that high-speed filters are far better, so make sure to ask about the filter speed. 

There are several companies that are willing to offer you the best water purifiers. But you might face the issues regarding maintenance. We are not saying that those companies won’t offer maintenance. The maintenance guy might be present in the opposite location at your time of need. And until he visits, your family might have sipped numerous deadly microorganisms creating health issues in the future. 

Luckily, if you are residing in the UK near the Dublin area, one of the companies that sell water purification as per FDA standards. They manufacture several kinds of water purifiers as per your need and budget. Also, if you are not able to find the component which has made your purifier not responsive. Neglecting the facts based on water purifiers can be harmful to your family. So, make sure to buy one today, so you can have a better and safe future. 

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RO Water Filters – Protect Your Drinking Water

RO Water Filters Produce Clean Water, a necessity of life has become vulnerable in recent times. Surveys commenced by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have shown that water is contaminated every year. And we are drinking it regularly. Such contaminated water has created a lot of health issues around the globe. Most people boil the water before drinking, but does it make the water safer to drink? the answer is “NO”. It does kill the bacteria but not the chemicals & metals like lead or fluoride. According to EPA, most of the contaminants present in water are safe for ingesting but it can be risky in the long run. To safeguard one’s own family and people who like to drink contaminant-free, millions have chosen RO water filters. 

As we move forward, learning and understanding about reverse osmosis are crucial and most important is to understand how it combats the contaminants present in the water. 

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis also is known as (RO) designed to filter a huge amount of water. RO system propels the water under high pressure into a porous membrane filter. Reverse osmosis then commences the osmotic process, holding it, and then inverting it. After the entire process completion, you get pure water on one side of the membrane and the contaminants are on the opposite side of the sheath.

How It Makes Your Water Clean?

Reverse osmosis (opens in a new tab)”>Reverse osmosis is performed by using functional plumbing equipment. These plumbing materials are referred to as “RO systems”. It contains four primary parts outfitted on every model present in the market  

1. Prefilter

Water provided by Municipal Corporation enters the device through the prefilters. The prefilter is like a white knight safeguarding the membrane. It filters all the sediments and contaminants that might hurt the membrane. Although the prefilter plays a crucial role in filtering, the membrane performs all the necessary filter work.

2. RO membrane

The RO water filters membrane is a part which is semi-permeable. It means that once the water is prefiltered, some things can pass through and some can’t. As per experts, it depends on the molecular charge and size of the particle. H20 particles can pass through the vesicles of the membrane, but particles that are large and impenetrable gets filtered out. Now, the water enters the permeate stream. After this process, the water is not only safe to drink, but also you can relish the taste of pure water!

3. Storage Tank:

Once the system has completed the surveillance and destroyed the contaminants, permeate stream water is stored in a storage tank. 

4. Post filters:

What happens to the contaminants after the completion of the cleaning process. The dirt or contaminants are secured by the post-filters RO water filters. 

Diseases Cause By Impure Water:

Impure water is considered more dangerous than any other kind of pollution. Some of the waterborne diseases diagnosed by medical professionals due to water contamination are as follows:

  1. Guinea worm disease
  2. Typhoid
  3. Dysentery

These ailments are quite dangerous and can put you or your family to huge health risks. 

How Does Reverse Osmosis Boost Your Health:

Every human on this earth is aware that our body is 70% water. And without water, you can face health issues like dehydration, skin-related issues. In recent times, everyone is suggested to keep drinking water regularly to be in great shape and health. But with the rise in pollution both air and water, people are suffering from bladder cancer and many hazardous diseases. This is why installing an RO system is preferred by numerous families. It is helpful in lead, e-coli & Fluoride removal which is quite dangerous for the human system. 

One Thing That Your RO system Needs:

As you’re all aware, the annual replacement of water filter cartridges is essential to prolong the life of the machine and to ensure the absolute highest quality of water. The sediment filter cartridges present in the RO system accumulate lots of contaminants which makes the RO system require regular maintenance. This is all to protect the reverse osmosis membrane.

What Aqua Filter Warehouse Has To Offer?

Aqua Filter Warehouse is Dublin, Ireland based company. Its motto is to supply every kind of water filtration system and extra parts you need to protect yourself and your family from water-borne diseases. We have stocked up the most sophisticated RO Water Filters along with replacement water filter cartridges. 

Does Aqua Filter Warehouse Only Ship To Ireland Area?

With rising demands of RO systems, we are focusing on shipping the best chlorine water filter not only in the UK or Dublin but around the globe. Wherever you need it, just give us a call and one of our representatives will make the arrangements. 

Last but not least, water can give life but it can take it away as well. So do not neglect your health and make sure to drink water from a trustable aqua purifier system. We care for you and we at Aqua Filter Warehouse are always at your service.  RO Water Filters are life!