Maintain Your Water Purifier Regularly To Boost Your Health

So you have installed yourself a water purifier after researching every tiptoe on it. Also, after all that research, you might not have any doubts at all. But you need to keep one thing in mind that all machine needs regular maintenance. And neglecting the maintenance part can make the water purifier a contaminated machine. A machine that will not be able to clean your water from a dangerous chemical that you are receiving from the municipal corporation every day. 

Drinking safe and clean water should be your priority if you are a family guy. Because a happy family stays healthy no matter what. But if recently your kids or your spouse is constantly going to the doctor and complaining about constant illness, contaminated water might be the reason. And this is one reason why maintaining a water purifier is so crucial for every user. 

Here are certain tips to maintain your reverse osmosis system:

Observing Your Purifier On A Regular Basis:

Once you bought yourself the RO system, it is your duty to observe your device for any signs of malfunction or damages. Any kind of purifier whether it is an UF, UV Or an RO water purifier, keeping a check on the functionality of the machine is important. It is not a difficult task since every time your water purifying system has a technical difficulty; it will give you an alert sign. This feature is installed in every system today. Most of the companies have given two alert features depending on the water purifier. One has the display feature which is to monitor the quality of water you are drinking. If you are tasting your water with a fishy taste, it is the indication that your system is damaged. 

Make Sure To Replace The Parts Occasionally:

If you are one of those who constantly keep a check, you might have a hawk-eye for damaged parts. And once you notice a damaged part neglecting to replace it is not a good idea. Replacing it on a regular basis can increase the life of your machine. You can ask for a manual from the company, so you can have suggested instruction to replace and add the new part to your device. If you are not sure, you can call the company and they will send you the experts who will be able to help you assist in keeping your device just like new. 

Add Water, But Let It Rest First:

Often, we add water without checking whether it is clean or dirty. Adding dirty water into your purifying system is one of the main reasons for making your water purifier breakdown. So, make sure not burden your device with dirty water. You can follow a process by filling a bucket with water and let the water rest itself. Once you notice the dirt is at the bottom. Add the water to your purifier. The reason why experts suggest this way is to let the TDS sink and rest and the bottom which makes water safer and cleaner.  

Make Sure To Regularly Clean Your Water Purifier:

This is the major point that some of us often neglect. If you do not clean the water on a regular basis, it will disable the purification system which will not let the device work optimally. If you are a regular cleaner, make sure to make use of ideal sanitation tools that includes an explicitly sized purification tank, a pump injection with high speed to clean the dirt out and a disinfectant cartridge filter to clear the dirt dislodged during the sterilization process.

Disinfect the filters used in the purifier regularly:

Last but not least, make sure to use the non-toxic disinfectant to clean your filters. It is the best way to assist in dispersing the containments that lead to being developed inside the water purifier filter due to long-term use.

Following the tips mentioned above will help you maintain the water purifier to work for a long time. If you are seeking a better and sophisticated water purifier with reverse osmosis, Aqua Filter Warehouse is one of the renowned companies that deals and stocks in the best water purifiers in the UK area. Call us or visit our website and one of our experts will get in touch with you about the details you need. 

Why Today’s Generation Is Neglecting The Use Of A Water Purifier, How Will it Harm Them?

If you are in search of the best purifier after completing your research. Then you won’t be disappointed. it is one of the easiest tasks, visit Aqua Filter Warehouse website and buy yourself the most sophisticated water purifiers. We make sure to provide you with different purifiers along with exciting features explained in detail. As you are aware of the fact that water purifiers installed in homes today are considered important homely devices. Also, the water purifier plays a major role in protecting you and your family’s health. 

The growth of industries around the globe has deteriorated the quality of water in the sea along with water streams. And the water you are drinking today have far worse contaminants then it was in the past. If you are drinking water from the natural water sources, think again. Several people use pesticides and other materials to keep the growth and maintenance of the crop. During monsoons these chemicals flow in the natural water sources, making it polluted as well. And the water you are receiving from the municipal corporations might be more dangerous than you think. 

A study conducted in the late ’90s by the Environmental Working Group stated that more than 20 major cities in the UK had one harmful protozoan present in their drinking water. Also, the water provided by the city municipal has a high degree of chlorine which might kill certain body cells in your body. Even though chlorine is considered safe but it can cause certain types of cancer, heart diseases, and birth defects. 

In this article, you will become aware of how to buy yourself the best water purifier?

1. Water Purifier Involves Effective Filtration process:

The water purifier system plays a crucial role. Also, it is capable of the complete expulsion of all contaminants like bacteria, toxins, and hazardous microorganisms. If you research online, you will find that preponderance of water you consume daily is full of trace amounts of active unadulterated chemicals, bacteria, chlorine, lead, cryptosporidium, etc. A study conducted by a water research center found out that drinking water all around the UK carries more than 2,300 virulent chemicals that are firmly associated with several types of cancers which include bladder and skin. These institutes had a lending hand in making the water purifiers and suggest to buy yourself once as the water is being contaminated almost 85% ever year. 

2. Reverse osmosis In Water Purifier Is A Blessing 

In ancient civilizations like Indian and Egyptian. Our ancestors use to purify their water with certain practices. Keeping this in mind, experts installed reverse osmosis for the effective eradication of chemicals and bacteria. And, today almost every water purifier has reverse osmosis installed in them. It is capable of maintaining the beneficial natural salts in the water which is healthy for the human body. 

3. Drinking-Water And Bathing In Water: Both Allows Containments to Enter Our Body: 

The RO system also is known as water purifier is designed to meet your specific needs. You will find different companies selling their purifiers. Some of them focus on household purposes. And some companies focus on the outside water sources like water softening and water filters. The fact might surprise you that after taking bath for 5 minutes allows your body to intake 70% more waterborne diseases comparatively to consuming the same water a day.

4. Install It Anywhere: It Is Easy And Convenient 

Buy any kind of water purifier and you will find out that it is easy to install and use. And the best part is you can install them anywhere around the house. But make sure that you go for a compact or portable size RO system as they are easy to install or carry anywhere. If you are installing a water purifier which is heavy and expensive, ask for the maintenance cost along with the procedure to use. 

5. Warranties:

One of the major role players is the warranty. Make sure when you buy a water purifier, ask for the warranties that are coming with the device. If a company does not warranty the product, make sure to leave and not waste your money. Because if you buy it from a reputed company, you shall get a lifetime warranty.

Last but not least, be a wise and smart customer. Being confident is good but relying on a company that is not trustworthy can be an expensive mistake for you. 

Why Drinking Clean Water Should Be Your Top Priority?

Why Drinking Clean Water Should Be Your Top Priority?

Why should drinking clean water be a priority? Generally, we ask ourselves at one point in time that is the water I am drinking safe? But after a while, you stop caring and gulp an ample amount of water without even knowing how much amount of bacteria has entered your system.

Once it has entered your body, it starts doing its work and that is making your immune system weak. And with passing time, your immune system starts to lose its power and let the bacteria spread all over your organs. The water which was supposed to keep you healthy has become the source of diseases.  

Now, you are wondering let’s boil the water and kill these bacteria. You perform the cleansing process and still feel your skin having different problems. You visit your doctor and he informs you that the water you are drinking is making you sick.

If you have faced the situation mentioned above, then buying yourself a water purifier is the only source of safe and clean water. 

What Is A Water Purifier?

Water purifiers are machines created by experts to filter the contaminated water and eradicating hazardous chemical and unadulterated elements. If you are still not convinced, let’s discuss certain benefits that might change your perspective about water purifiers and how it helps? 

1. Cheaper Source Compared To A Pack Of Filtered Water:

If you are a consumer of bottled water, then you might buy yourself a purifier. The reason for suggesting you buy yourself a purifier is the cost of the bottled water which is increasing every year and may create a hole in your pocket. And if you are planning to go on a vacation, you could save a lot of money by quitting the bottled water. Also, installing a water purifier will save the environment. After all, the bottled water is made of plastic. Think about it!

2. Be The Assassin And Assassinate Water Epidemic On Your Own:

Is installing a water purifier a better choice? Yes, it is. With the help of a water purifier, you are in charge of filtered clean water and your family’s health. If you are thinking that you are fine drinking bottled water, think again, you are not aware of the fact whether your bottled water is contaminated free. Buying your own water purifier will keep you informed about the machine specifications and also how many bacterias and unhealthy bions are being removed by the unit.

3. Lower The Level Of Lime Scaling:

If you are one of those who use water (H2O) for cleaning, cooking and boiling, if you haven’t noticed till now check your utensils and if you come across the layer of limescale, you are almost infected and consider taking your family for a checkup. Also, if you are considered buying bottled water to do your chores, then you are going to be bankrupt real soon. But if you do a one-time investment buying a sophisticated water purifier, you will be healthy, fit and happy. 

4. You can window-shop or do online research:

Everyone has internet and commencing thorough research on the variety of infinite water purifiers. One-click and you will have access to a lot of options, models, and prices. Sitting at home, you have the benefit of finding yourself the best water purifier. Once, you selected the model, buy it and it will be delivered at your doorstep along with an engineer who will install it for you. 

5. Safeguard Yourself From Several Water Borne Diseases:

Still not convinced? All right! Are you aware the drinking contaminated water can cause cancer especially bladder and skin? By investing in a water purifier and drinking water from that regularly may remove the risk of malady due to water-borne diseases and other toxins. Also, it helps you to guarantee the safety of your drinking water. Now, here is an interesting fact, that water purifier is capable of removing chlorine, drugs, and fluoride from the water you receive from city municipal corporations.

6. Make Sure To Carry Pure Water Every time You Leave Home:

Every time you leave your home for work, gym or running. Fill up the bottle with clean and pure water. Drink it and keep yourself hydrated. Also, if you are hiker, camper or love fishing, drinking water from our own bottle will keep your stress and contamination levels down. Also, if you are a victim of a natural disaster, having a bottle of clean water will keep you calm every time you feel anxiety. 

Aqua Filter Warehouse is a Dublin based company that deals with the most sophisticated and functional water purifiers. Also, we feel proud of serving people the devices which are capable of offering your clean drinking water. 

Water, The Life Changing Benefits And How Water Filtration Helps?

Water, The Life Changing Benefits And How Water Filtration Helps? 1 out of 10 people in his teen hood suffers from acne. And most probably people advise the person to drink as much water as he or she can. But does drinking water helps reduce acne?

Most of us visit dermatologists to get rid of this horrible skin condition. We take prescribed pills and apply ointments but we cannot continue this practice forever. Due to the higher prices, we start neglecting the drugs and switch to drinking water. Some of us have seen reduced acne condition after drinking ample amount of water. And that is good news, right, but not all of us are lucky. But you need to understand that water is better magical therapy than any kind of drug.

We are here to discuss the benefits of water bestows on your health.

Benefit #1:

 Water is a magical substance that helps your body hydrated.  The reason you should be hydrated is that once you stop drinking water, chronic dehydration can create several problems like migraine headaches, allergies, asthma, and hypertension. So, when you drink the desired amount of water, it serves as a cushion your joints and aids in preserving your essential organs and muscles. Also, drinking water can protect your spinal cord from shock damage.

Benefit #2:

If you want to be healthy, drinking enough water is considered crucial.  Water filtration makes it easier to consume nice water. The biggest benefit of drinking water is flushing toxins from the body that may harm your health. Also, it makes your digestion healthy and helps in the food ingestion process. An added advantage of consuming water is that it transports oxygen and nutrients to your body cells along with a healthy circulation of blood. Every bodily function works better with the appropriate use of water.  You can survive for one or more months without consuming food but without water, you will die in a few weeks. 

Benefit #3:

If you are one of those who are overweight. Consuming an ample amount of water is the best way to lose those extra pounds. Now, let’s discuss how it helps to lose the extra weight of your body. Once you start consuming water, a person does not have to go on a diet because he/ she will feel fuller. And once your body is hydrated, you will consume fewer calories and the weight will generally reduce with time.

If you’re considering drinking teas, colas, sports drinks or other sugary drinks is going to keep you hydrated, you need to think again. Currently several advertisers assure you that drinking sports drinks will fulfill your hydration level. But you need to understand that colas and other carbonated water are dangerous for your health, especially your teeth and bones. 

Soft Drinks:

These soft drinks cannot replace the water. Since these drinks are fully covered with high sugar content.


An added disadvantage of consuming tea and coffee does not help your hydration level. These high caffeinated drinks act as diuretics. It means the more you drink, the more your kidneys will extract liquids from your bloodstream.

We hope you have understood by now, how beneficial drinking water is. Now, comes the part whether you should consume the water from the kitchen or garage tap. The answer to that will be “NO”. The water coming directly from the municipal corporation is cleaned but contains certain protozoa that are not killed by chlorine solutions. Also, chlorine solution drinking water is not beneficial in the long run.

If you are one of those people who enjoy drinking pure and tasty water, there is a way which cost-effective and reliable. The water purifiers have been gaining popularity among today’s generation as these filters are equipped with the latest technology which kills the bacteria and virus in the water. Also, the water that you receive is much healthier than the water from the tap.

To have the most sophisticated water purifier, you need to look for a professional company who manufactures and deals in this area. If you are a resident based in Ireland, Aqua Filter Warehouse. The team of professionals has ample knowledge about the purifiers and the components. So you do not have to research the internet if you are facing any issue with your Water Filtration. So, call us if you have any query regarding water purifiers.

Why Everyone Is Discussing The Benefits Of Being Hydrated?

Every health practitioner or trainer will often suggest drinking water as much as you can. Since our body consists of 75% water, some of us neglect drinking water because some of us do not feel thirsty. The benefits of drinking water have been mentioned in popular health-related magazines and staying hydrated makes you feel better.

Why Water Is Essential For Your Health?

Water bless your body by carrying vital minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients to keep your body fit and healthy. Water is crucial with the nourishment inside your body.

You can find numerous benefits of being hydrated but the major advantage of sipping water is to make your digestion and metabolism healthy. 

Water assists your body to sustain its temperature, sustain body temperature, soaking up extra fat, assisting with digestion of food, greasing visceral organs, stimulating vitamins and minerals, washing toxins from the body and serving as a way to keep you away from illnesses. 

Maintain Your Skin Lustre By Being Hydrated:

If you have a lot of acne and skin related issues on your face, not drinking enough water might be the cause. The benefit of drinking water is the best way to maintain your skin luster and keep it glowing and vibrant. Not only your skin but drinking an adequate quantity of water will improve the quality of hair will also be much healthier and shinier. Sufficiently hydrated skin is the answer to have youthful-looking skin. Also, if you are still neglecting the intake of sufficient water, you might notice dry and flaky skin, especially during winters. So you see, how sipping water regularly can change your life and health.

Notice Weight Loss By Being Hydrated:

If we notice the health statistics, half of million of our population is suffering from obesity. People with weight problems often buy the subscription of the gym, work hard but fail to notice any changes. The reason might be less intake of fluids because water helps you lose the extra fat concealing half of your body. Water act as in charge who helps boosting your metabolism, purge your body of waste and serves as a hunger suppressant. We might know that our body retains water which increases our weight. Drinking enough water stops retaining of water which leads to dropping an extra pound of weight consisting of water. 

Dry Mouth:

We often face the issue of drying mouth. This might indicate that your body water level is depreciating. Water helps to maintain your throat and lips moisture level and inhibits your mouth from feeling dry. Also, if you are having a dry mouth right now, there must be certain symptoms that might make others uncomfortable and that is bad breath which is one of the causes of cavities. 

How Much Water You Need And How Much Is Dangerous For Your Health:

Drinking water is healthy but overdoing the healthy practice can bring complications. As per experts, if you want to find out how much water you should intake daily depends on your body weight. If you know your weight in lbs, divide it in half and that is the quantity of water you should take every day. So if you are drinking water every 5 seconds, here are 3 reasons why you should stop:

1. Your Feel Nauseous:

Drinking a lot of water can make you feel nauseous. Yes, you read it right. Because sipping ample water might hinder your kidney functions making them tired of flushing water and making you feel nauseous and induce vomiting. 

2. You Feel Tired:

Recently, after drinking water, are you feeling tired and drowsy? This is the direct connection with your kidney and body functions. If the water you are drinking is not flushed out, your body might be stressed making your extremely tired.

 3. Your Liver Might Get Affected:

As mentioned in the above two points, drinking enough water is health but overdoing it can cause trouble. It can affect your liver functions because water has a lot of iron in it. And sipping extra water can exhaust your liver functionality making you a patient. 

How Can I Drink Water When It Is Not Safe?

We understand these days water is fully contaminated even how crystal clear is show itself. To solve the problem, buying a water purifier can serve the purpose. 

Where To Buy One?

If you are a resident of Dublin, Aqua Filter Warehouse is your answer. We have enough stock of sophisticated water purifiers along with extra components you might require later. Give us a call and our representative will help you further. 

What If I Am Not The Resident Of Dublin, UK?

If you are not a resident of the UK, Do not worry and get in touch with us. We ship worldwide and would be glad to help to deliver the best water purifier at your convenience.