Why Everyone Is Discussing The Benefits Of Being Hydrated?

Every health practitioner or trainer will often suggest drinking water as much as you can. Since our body consists of 75% water, some of us neglect drinking water because some of us do not feel thirsty. The benefits of drinking water have been mentioned in popular health-related magazines and staying hydrated makes you feel better.

Why Water Is Essential For Your Health?

Water bless your body by carrying vital minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients to keep your body fit and healthy. Water is crucial with the nourishment inside your body.

You can find numerous benefits of being hydrated but the major advantage of sipping water is to make your digestion and metabolism healthy. 

Water assists your body to sustain its temperature, sustain body temperature, soaking up extra fat, assisting with digestion of food, greasing visceral organs, stimulating vitamins and minerals, washing toxins from the body and serving as a way to keep you away from illnesses. 

Maintain Your Skin Lustre By Being Hydrated:

If you have a lot of acne and skin related issues on your face, not drinking enough water might be the cause. The benefit of drinking water is the best way to maintain your skin luster and keep it glowing and vibrant. Not only your skin but drinking an adequate quantity of water will improve the quality of hair will also be much healthier and shinier. Sufficiently hydrated skin is the answer to have youthful-looking skin. Also, if you are still neglecting the intake of sufficient water, you might notice dry and flaky skin, especially during winters. So you see, how sipping water regularly can change your life and health.

Notice Weight Loss By Being Hydrated:

If we notice the health statistics, half of million of our population is suffering from obesity. People with weight problems often buy the subscription of the gym, work hard but fail to notice any changes. The reason might be less intake of fluids because water helps you lose the extra fat concealing half of your body. Water act as in charge who helps boosting your metabolism, purge your body of waste and serves as a hunger suppressant. We might know that our body retains water which increases our weight. Drinking enough water stops retaining of water which leads to dropping an extra pound of weight consisting of water. 

Dry Mouth:

We often face the issue of drying mouth. This might indicate that your body water level is depreciating. Water helps to maintain your throat and lips moisture level and inhibits your mouth from feeling dry. Also, if you are having a dry mouth right now, there must be certain symptoms that might make others uncomfortable and that is bad breath which is one of the causes of cavities. 

How Much Water You Need And How Much Is Dangerous For Your Health:

Drinking water is healthy but overdoing the healthy practice can bring complications. As per experts, if you want to find out how much water you should intake daily depends on your body weight. If you know your weight in lbs, divide it in half and that is the quantity of water you should take every day. So if you are drinking water every 5 seconds, here are 3 reasons why you should stop:

1. Your Feel Nauseous:

Drinking a lot of water can make you feel nauseous. Yes, you read it right. Because sipping ample water might hinder your kidney functions making them tired of flushing water and making you feel nauseous and induce vomiting. 

2. You Feel Tired:

Recently, after drinking water, are you feeling tired and drowsy? This is the direct connection with your kidney and body functions. If the water you are drinking is not flushed out, your body might be stressed making your extremely tired.

 3. Your Liver Might Get Affected:

As mentioned in the above two points, drinking enough water is health but overdoing it can cause trouble. It can affect your liver functions because water has a lot of iron in it. And sipping extra water can exhaust your liver functionality making you a patient. 

How Can I Drink Water When It Is Not Safe?

We understand these days water is fully contaminated even how crystal clear is show itself. To solve the problem, buying a water purifier can serve the purpose. 

Where To Buy One?

If you are a resident of Dublin, Aqua Filter Warehouse is your answer. We have enough stock of sophisticated water purifiers along with extra components you might require later. Give us a call and our representative will help you further. 

What If I Am Not The Resident Of Dublin, UK?

If you are not a resident of the UK, Do not worry and get in touch with us. We ship worldwide and would be glad to help to deliver the best water purifier at your convenience.  

Why Water Purifiers Are Recommended By Medical Professionals

Water Purifiers

The question that arises in our mind sometimes is, is the water we drink and our children are drinking safe and healthy. Well, we only think about it but never get the real answer. So we continue the process of drinking tap water and neglect our health. 

But one day you go to your doctor for regular treatment and he informs you that you are suffering from an unimaginable disease. Sad and devastated, you ask your doctor, what is the real reason? And feel shocked after listening to his response: It is the water you are drinking? 

It can be your doctor one day. To avoid such a situation, you need to get yourself a water purifier as soon as possible. If you think the above story is a marketing stunt, so you buy from us, I would suggest before buying to visit your nearest hospital and consult a specialist. 

For your awareness, we have created a lot of lethal viruses that you are consuming every day when you take one sip of water without a water purifier. 


A cyst can be described as a sealed pocket or a sack of tissue. It can be inflated with air, fluid, pus, or other material. Generally, a cyst can be identified as per medical terms as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. These are comprehensive intestinal parasites that enter lakes and rivers through sewerage and mammal waste.

Health Threat: 

You can suffer from Diarrhoea related illnesses and gastrointestinal disease. This disease can be critical or lethal for people with severely impaired immune systems. 


Alachlor (Lasso) is a herbicide frequently used on row crops. It is widely used as a fertilizer to keep unwanted guests. But after the monsoon, it washes off and enters the water streams. 

Health Threat: 

You can suffer from Cancer, cardiovascular or blood toxicity, kidney toxicity, and skin sensitivity.


Atrazine is a herbicide used on row crops and commonly used as weed-killers.

Health Threat:

Cancer, endocrine toxicity, gastrointestinal or liver toxicity, neurotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, and skin allergy. 


Benzene is a chemical compound used in factories. It is utilized in making chemicals and plastic products. 

Health Threat:

Cancer, cardiovascular or blood toxicity, developmental toxicity, respiratory toxicity, and skin ailment.


Chlorine may not be harmful. Most of the water supplies are filled with chlorine as a disinfectant to kill germs like E-Coli and giardia. It is responsible for killing numerous germs present in the water. 

Health Threat:

Chlorine does not have much health threat. But regular consumption of chlorinated water can cause eyes and nose infection along with stomach wall irritation. 


Lead drains into the water stream from the plumbing practices in older buildings. This is a serious issue and should be remedied immediately

Health Threat:

Delays in the physical or mental development of children and infants. Also, slight deficiencies in concentration span and lore abilities. In adults, higher risk of kidney problems and high blood pressure


Lindane is commonly known as a chemical compound used as an organochlorine insecticide that is widely used in farming and as a remedy for head-lice and scabies.

Health Threats:

It affects the nervous system, liver, and kidneys, and can cause carcinogens and/or endocrine disruptors. 


Commonly known as a man-made chlorinated solvent, used originally to remove grease from metal parts and textiles. Also, used as dry cleaning agents with some manufacturing applications including degreasing. 

Health Threats:

Exposure to TCE can cause several adverse health effects. These include neurotoxicity, immuno-toxicity, developmental toxicity, liver toxicity, kidney toxicity, endocrine effects, and several forms of cancer. 

These are some of the deadly lists of health issues that you may face if you are still drinking water from a tap. The solution to safeguard yourself and your family is to install a sophisticated water purifying system. 

Apart from that, you can also try Indian or Egyptian ways of purifying the water in the past. But that might not work because the chemicals adding itself to the water may fail these practices. But a water purifier with RO ( reverse osmosis) can help to eradicate these viruses providing you with clean and safe water. 

Where Can I Buy Best Metal Water Purifier?

The answer to that question is anywhere. You can find water purifiers in your neighborhood store, Tesco or ecommerce websites. But there is a drawback buying it from all of these places. These stores will sell you average water purifiers but what if it stops working? Of course they often require professional help replacing the parts and maintaining it. 

What Aqua Filter Warehouse Offers?

Aqua Filter Warehouse is filled with a team of professionals who have dedicated their life manufacturing and selling the most sophisticated water purifiers all across Ireland & the UK. Also, they ship these purifiers around the globe. Visit our website and if you have any questions regarding our products, you are just one call away! You can also check the Irish Water website for more info on water quality

Why Water Purifier Is Human Species Last Resort? Chlorine Water Filters

Chlorine Filter

Lets have a look at chlorine filters. Do you often feel that your water taste is quite yucky? And your family has started feeling lazy and having stomach cramps. You called your doctor and after a serious diagnosis, he tells you that the issue your family is facing is because of the water you are consuming regularly. 

Water is a healthy component that keeps our body hydrated and functioning. Without water, the body gets dehydrated which can be fatal. After gaining a lot of knowledge about water, we often neglect the contamination issues that can cause waterborne diseases. If we check the surveys in regard to a different kind of pollution, water pollution is the most deadly and contaminated today. 

Even this has been a concern among the United Nations Environment Protection Cabinet. With the rising population on this earth, the entire garbage somehow reaches the sea and via that, it reaches the rivers streams. And with the flows, it reaches our homes via the municipal corporation pipeline. And it is quite possible that the water you drink is already contaminated by several deadly viruses. 

But this can be avoided if you install an aqua filter also known by different names. For example, chlorine water filters and if we talk in technical terms reverse osmosis. This is the best option to purify your water. These water filters are capable of lead and fluoride removal and making your water safe and clean for drinking. 

Why You Should Invest in an Aqua Filter?

If you take a look at the water you are drinking, you will see crystal clear and transparent water. And you would think about how much dirt could there be? Well, you’ll be amazed at how much grime and substances are prowling in your water reserves. Even though these compounds are least threatening particularly since they appear in very small volumes. Still neglecting a water purifier at home and keep sipping the water can pose quite a serious threat. Make sure to install a chlorine water purifier because it is one of the worthy investment you can make for the safety of your family. 

Here is the list of  8 benefits you can procure by installing an aqua filter:

1. Better Digestive System: 

If you are facing a lot of issues with your stomach. It might be caused due to the water you are drinking. This is where the chlorine water filter comes into play and protects you from stomach ailments and improve the functionality of your digestive system. Also, it makes an easy way for your food to pass through your intestine giving you relief.

2. Gain Healthy And Clear Skin:

If you are facing skin-related issues, contaminated water must be responsible. And installing a water purifier would kill the impurities and make it safe for drinking. And once you start drinking fresh pure water, you will see a sudden glow in your skin. 

3. Bulkiness is Not An Issue Now: 

An interesting fact states that if you drink healthy pure water, you do not have to visit the gym to reduce weight. Pure water will do it for you. Water has lots of wonderful surprises which you will only receive once you install a water filter at home. 

4. Improvement In Immune System:

The benefit of drinking clean and pure water does not only make you physically fit also it makes your internal organs perform stronger and better. Sipping clean water helps your immune system to become strong. Also, it flushes out all toxins and several body ailments. Thus, filtered water is your best option that is capable of purifying your blood in your body. 

5. Strong & Firm Muscles: 

We all are aware that our body comprises of 75% water. And drinking clean and pure water can make your muscles strong and firm. Also, you will face muscle cramps, sprains or other pains in the body. You will be blessed with a fit and healthy physique.

6. pH Balance Is Better:

 Water is capable of maintaining the pH balance of your body. Consuming purified water can unquestionably make things more beneficial. As we all are aware that rise or fall in the pH levels can lead to serious health issues, a water filter can give you a protective shield and maintain the PH balance of your body keeping you healthy, wealthy and wise. 

7. No More Headaches Or Fatigue: 

We often have heard that if you are suffering from headaches or fatigue. It might be the reason that you haven’t taken enough liquid in your body. Water which is pure and clean is the best solution to get cured of headaches and fatigue feelings.

8. Heart Attacks and Cancer = Bye Bye:

We do not suggest that if you drink clean water, you won’t have a heart attack. But drinking water without contamination can surely reduce the risk. Also, cancer patients have seen improvement in their health after regularly consuming water with a water purifier. 

If you are still wondering where to get a good and reliable chlorine filter, your search is over. Aqua Filter Warehouse stocks the latest water filters along with the required components. Visit our website. Take a look at 4 more benefits of water purification here

RO Water Filters – Protect Your Drinking Water

RO Water Filters Produce Clean Water, a necessity of life has become vulnerable in recent times. Surveys commenced by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have shown that water is contaminated every year. And we are drinking it regularly. Such contaminated water has created a lot of health issues around the globe. Most people boil the water before drinking, but does it make the water safer to drink? the answer is “NO”. It does kill the bacteria but not the chemicals & metals like lead or fluoride. According to EPA, most of the contaminants present in water are safe for ingesting but it can be risky in the long run. To safeguard one’s own family and people who like to drink contaminant-free, millions have chosen RO water filters. 

As we move forward, learning and understanding about reverse osmosis are crucial and most important is to understand how it combats the contaminants present in the water. 

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis also is known as (RO) designed to filter a huge amount of water. RO system propels the water under high pressure into a porous membrane filter. Reverse osmosis then commences the osmotic process, holding it, and then inverting it. After the entire process completion, you get pure water on one side of the membrane and the contaminants are on the opposite side of the sheath.

How It Makes Your Water Clean?

Reverse osmosis (opens in a new tab)”>Reverse osmosis is performed by using functional plumbing equipment. These plumbing materials are referred to as “RO systems”. It contains four primary parts outfitted on every model present in the market  

1. Prefilter

Water provided by Municipal Corporation enters the device through the prefilters. The prefilter is like a white knight safeguarding the membrane. It filters all the sediments and contaminants that might hurt the membrane. Although the prefilter plays a crucial role in filtering, the membrane performs all the necessary filter work.

2. RO membrane

The RO water filters membrane is a part which is semi-permeable. It means that once the water is prefiltered, some things can pass through and some can’t. As per experts, it depends on the molecular charge and size of the particle. H20 particles can pass through the vesicles of the membrane, but particles that are large and impenetrable gets filtered out. Now, the water enters the permeate stream. After this process, the water is not only safe to drink, but also you can relish the taste of pure water!

3. Storage Tank:

Once the system has completed the surveillance and destroyed the contaminants, permeate stream water is stored in a storage tank. 

4. Post filters:

What happens to the contaminants after the completion of the cleaning process. The dirt or contaminants are secured by the post-filters RO water filters. 

Diseases Cause By Impure Water:

Impure water is considered more dangerous than any other kind of pollution. Some of the waterborne diseases diagnosed by medical professionals due to water contamination are as follows:

  1. Guinea worm disease
  2. Typhoid
  3. Dysentery

These ailments are quite dangerous and can put you or your family to huge health risks. 

How Does Reverse Osmosis Boost Your Health:

Every human on this earth is aware that our body is 70% water. And without water, you can face health issues like dehydration, skin-related issues. In recent times, everyone is suggested to keep drinking water regularly to be in great shape and health. But with the rise in pollution both air and water, people are suffering from bladder cancer and many hazardous diseases. This is why installing an RO system is preferred by numerous families. It is helpful in lead, e-coli & Fluoride removal which is quite dangerous for the human system. 

One Thing That Your RO system Needs:

As you’re all aware, the annual replacement of water filter cartridges is essential to prolong the life of the machine and to ensure the absolute highest quality of water. The sediment filter cartridges present in the RO system accumulate lots of contaminants which makes the RO system require regular maintenance. This is all to protect the reverse osmosis membrane.

What Aqua Filter Warehouse Has To Offer?

Aqua Filter Warehouse is Dublin, Ireland based company. Its motto is to supply every kind of water filtration system and extra parts you need to protect yourself and your family from water-borne diseases. We have stocked up the most sophisticated RO Water Filters along with replacement water filter cartridges. 

Does Aqua Filter Warehouse Only Ship To Ireland Area?

With rising demands of RO systems, we are focusing on shipping the best chlorine water filter not only in the UK or Dublin but around the globe. Wherever you need it, just give us a call and one of our representatives will make the arrangements. 

Last but not least, water can give life but it can take it away as well. So do not neglect your health and make sure to drink water from a trustable aqua purifier system. We care for you and we at Aqua Filter Warehouse are always at your service.  RO Water Filters are life!