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RO Water Filters Produce Clean Water, a necessity of life has become vulnerable in recent times. Surveys commenced by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have shown that water is contaminated every year. And we are drinking it regularly. Such contaminated water has created a lot of health issues around the globe. Most people boil the water before drinking, but does it make the water safer to drink? the answer is “NO”. It does kill the bacteria but not the chemicals & metals like lead or fluoride. According to EPA, most of the contaminants present in water are safe for ingesting but it can be risky in the long run. To safeguard one’s own family and people who like to drink contaminant-free, millions have chosen RO water filters. 

As we move forward, learning and understanding about reverse osmosis are crucial and most important is to understand how it combats the contaminants present in the water. 

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis also is known as (RO) designed to filter a huge amount of water. RO system propels the water under high pressure into a porous membrane filter. Reverse osmosis then commences the osmotic process, holding it, and then inverting it. After the entire process completion, you get pure water on one side of the membrane and the contaminants are on the opposite side of the sheath.

How It Makes Your Water Clean?

Reverse osmosis (opens in a new tab)”>Reverse osmosis is performed by using functional plumbing equipment. These plumbing materials are referred to as “RO systems”. It contains four primary parts outfitted on every model present in the market  

1. Prefilter

Water provided by Municipal Corporation enters the device through the prefilters. The prefilter is like a white knight safeguarding the membrane. It filters all the sediments and contaminants that might hurt the membrane. Although the prefilter plays a crucial role in filtering, the membrane performs all the necessary filter work.

2. RO membrane

The RO water filters membrane is a part which is semi-permeable. It means that once the water is prefiltered, some things can pass through and some can’t. As per experts, it depends on the molecular charge and size of the particle. H20 particles can pass through the vesicles of the membrane, but particles that are large and impenetrable gets filtered out. Now, the water enters the permeate stream. After this process, the water is not only safe to drink, but also you can relish the taste of pure water!

3. Storage Tank:

Once the system has completed the surveillance and destroyed the contaminants, permeate stream water is stored in a storage tank. 

4. Post filters:

What happens to the contaminants after the completion of the cleaning process. The dirt or contaminants are secured by the post-filters RO water filters. 

Diseases Cause By Impure Water:

Impure water is considered more dangerous than any other kind of pollution. Some of the waterborne diseases diagnosed by medical professionals due to water contamination are as follows:

  1. Guinea worm disease
  2. Typhoid
  3. Dysentery

These ailments are quite dangerous and can put you or your family to huge health risks. 

How Does Reverse Osmosis Boost Your Health:

Every human on this earth is aware that our body is 70% water. And without water, you can face health issues like dehydration, skin-related issues. In recent times, everyone is suggested to keep drinking water regularly to be in great shape and health. But with the rise in pollution both air and water, people are suffering from bladder cancer and many hazardous diseases. This is why installing an RO system is preferred by numerous families. It is helpful in lead, e-coli & Fluoride removal which is quite dangerous for the human system. 

One Thing That Your RO system Needs:

As you’re all aware, the annual replacement of water filter cartridges is essential to prolong the life of the machine and to ensure the absolute highest quality of water. The sediment filter cartridges present in the RO system accumulate lots of contaminants which makes the RO system require regular maintenance. This is all to protect the reverse osmosis membrane.

What Aqua Filter Warehouse Has To Offer?

Aqua Filter Warehouse is Dublin, Ireland based company. Its motto is to supply every kind of water filtration system and extra parts you need to protect yourself and your family from water-borne diseases. We have stocked up the most sophisticated RO Water Filters along with replacement water filter cartridges. 

Does Aqua Filter Warehouse Only Ship To Ireland Area?

With rising demands of RO systems, we are focusing on shipping the best chlorine water filter not only in the UK or Dublin but around the globe. Wherever you need it, just give us a call and one of our representatives will make the arrangements. 

Last but not least, water can give life but it can take it away as well. So do not neglect your health and make sure to drink water from a trustable aqua purifier system. We care for you and we at Aqua Filter Warehouse are always at your service.  RO Water Filters are life!

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