Why Is Clean Water Essential For Survival And How To Procure it?

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Clean water essentials. Even before the science was too advance, it was clear to the human race that water is essential for living. If a person does not consume food, survival for even a month is possible, but without water, living is not possible for more than 4 days max. Lack of water leads to dehydration and because of this your breathing may continue but the brain goes into a shock and stops functioning.

Water is extremely essential and it should be clean. If it is not clean, you can get sick and some of the diseases might even be fatal. 

Scientific Reasons To Consume Clean Water

Since clean water is an essential element for human survival, we should even be aware of its scientific importance. 

1. Important For Staying Nourished

The body of human beings is made up of 60% water and to keep it hydrated clean water is essential. If you are wondering how it is essential for nourishment, the simple answer is that the health of our organs is maintained by water. The healthy organs utilize the energy from the food we consume and help in keeping the body functioning and healthy. Water is also indirectly responsible for supplying oxygen to the cells of your body. The blood in our body will not be able to have the consistency to flow throughout the body and supply the oxygen. 

2. Important To Prevent Sickness

If you do not drink clean water, you are highly exposed to the risk of getting sick. Diseases because of unclean water can also be fatal and some of these fatal diseases are hepatitis A, Typhoid, cholera, jaundice, etc. If you are using contaminated or unclean water, you can easily be infected by one of these diseases. 

3. Helps To Flush Out Toxins From The Body

Our body has a lot of toxins present in it. These are produced inside the body because of various reactions that happen in the system. The toxins enter our body from external sources too and also because of the consumption of water that is not clean. Clean water helps us in getting rid of these harmful toxins. 

4. Important For The Production Of Healthy Food

We get most of our food from plants and food crops. The food crops, fruit plants, and trees need clean water to produce healthy fruit. If the crops are irrigated with contaminated water, we shall also get toxic food. Consuming the food that comes from plants that were irrigated wit contaminated water can make us sick. 

5. Important For Our Everyday Activities

We need clean water not to just drink, but also for our everyday basic routine. Clean water is needed for washing clothes, cooking food, and sanitation. If we are using contaminated water, we are surely risking our health. Contaminated water carries various disease-causing bacteria and infections, and using it in any way can be dangerous. 

Is Clean Water Available To All?

Now that it is clear that we all need clean water for survival and healthy living, we would never want a day in our life when we are not having clean water. But unfortunately, the fact is that not all of us are fortunate enough to get clean water. Here are some shocking facts about the supply of clean water in different parts of the world

1. Clean drinking water is not available to almost 2.1 billion people on this planet.

2. 8.3 million New Yorkers were exposed to diseases because of the consumption o contaminated water. 

3. In India, since 2015 the number of people consuming unclean water is 63 million. 

4. Half of the population of Sub-Sharan Africa is getting only surface water which is contaminated and capable of making all of them sick. This also keeps them undernourished. 

5. In Africa, many provinces are not able to get water for days and it is not once or twice, but most of the time situation is like this. 

6. The source of water for 91% population of Nepal is highly contaminated. It consists of fecal bacteria, E-coli, etc. These are responsible for various diseases and stomach infections.

What Is The Scenario Of Availability Of Clean Water In Developed Nations?

The Above case is with the countries which are not developed and are poor, but even in developed countries the problem is not completely solved. In developed nations, the concerned authorities make the water clean by adding chlorine to it. This has been a successful method to clean water for a long time now, but as per researchers and scientists, chlorine is not good for us. Chlorine can be a cause for various kinds of cancers and underdevelopment of the brain (especially in children).

So How To Get Pure Drinking Water Without Hassle?

Since the authorities responsible for the supply of clean water are also adding chlorine and chloramines for cleaning it. The water becomes clean and drinkable but chlorine is some kind of a slow poison and thus we need to drink perfectly clean water.

This can be done easily with various kinds of filters that are available in the market. These filters can help in limescale removal, fluoride removal, lead removal, metals water filter. A good chlorine filter can make sure that you get pure H2O. 

Having a water filter system is essential. Earlier water purification was not available to all the people but now because of technology, everybody can have some type of filter technology. There are various technologies to filter water and also remove chlorine and other chemicals that are not visible to our naked eye. To know more about these technologies of filtering water that will help you in making the water appt for drinking, go through our website. You will have various filter options that will be perfect for your needs. To more contact us

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