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Water Filters Ireland, How to Choose The Best One

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Water filters Ireland – Water in Ireland is rumoured to be the worst in Europe and has been described as the sewer of drinking water quality. But is the opinion that residents of Ireland have for their water quality justified? Is it true? Is Irish water quality so poor that there’s a need to buy a water filtration system for your home?

Is Ireland’s Drinking Water the Worst Tap Water in the EU?

Ireland is lagging behind most other European Union countries when it comes to clean drinking water.

Some 72.8 per cent of Irish drinking water were classified as excellent in the annual European drinking water quality report, compared with the EU average of 84.8 per cent.

Ireland was 22nd of the 30 countries ranked in the report. Water Filters Ireland have the best solutions for poor drinking water quality.

The European Commission sent a letter of formal notice to Ireland for allowing too much of the chemical Trihalomethane in public drinking water.

The chemical is a bi-product of when chlorine is used to disinfect and make water safe for drinking, and a build-up over a long period poses a risk to health.

The unsafe water is provided to over 500,000 people in Ireland, with the worst affected areas being DonegalKerry, and Wicklow.

The Commission warned that Ireland did not fulfil its obligations under the Drinking Water Directive, which aims to protect against the effects of any contamination of water intended for human consumption.

According to the commission: “The Irish authorities have not taken appropriate actions to bring down the value of THMs and to notify consumers of the health implications as required”.

Can You Drink Tap Water in Ireland?

If you live in a new building, the Irish water supply system delivers water virtually lead-free. ”Virtually” is not the same as having no lead and even ”lead-free” pipes can contain as much as 8% lead. But the situation with Irish drinking water in older buildings is more concerning. Untreated water can contain the following elements:

  • Lead is a toxic metal that causes long-term harm in adults but is especially harmful to pregnant women and children. It can affect brain development in children and cause many issues for the developing fetus.
  • Unfiltered, contaminated water can also contain cryptosporidium, which is very resistant to chlorine-based disinfectants. This pathogen has been observed and known to cause gastrointestinal and other infections.
  • Lastly, nitrates in drinking water have been linked to various adverse health outcomes, including colorectal cancer, thyroid disease, and neural tube defects.

    What Types of Water Filtration Systems Can Help to Solve These Problems?

    First, let’s examine the biggest complaints residents of Ireland had with drinking water quality:

    Rusty brown color. While rusty or discoloured water will not be immediately harmful to your body, it is not the colour water is supposed to be. Chances are the rusty brown color is a result of corrosion in your building’s plumbing system, which is a very common problem in Ireland. For the time being, you can let the water run for some time to flush the particles out.

    But there are many other factors that can cause your water to be discoloured. It could be nearby construction work, ground disturbance activities, repairs or replacement of broken pipes, etc. If the pressure or the water flow suddenly changes for any reason, it can cause iron and manganese particles to enter the stream.

  • Strange taste or odour. Irish drinking water is often affected by chlorine disinfection, which is a mandatory requirement by the Department of Environmental Protection. The warmer it gets, the more pronounced the smell of chlorine gets. One temporary way to resolve this problem is putting your glass or any container in the fridge overnight. But it is not something you can do regularly.

    Even though chlorination is by far the most common method of disinfection, it has some disadvantages. They include the formation of byproducts and ineffectiveness against certain types of microbes. New techniques, materials, and methods have shown great potential as an alternative to chlorination, which we implement in our best water filtration systems for the home.

    Cloudy water. During the time water is being transferred from the reservoirs to the cities and towns, the air gets trapped in the water. This doesn’t affect the water quality or your health. However, residents shouldn’t confuse air-related cloudiness with serious contamination. In any case, having clear water is preferable since you will be able to see any changes easily.

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    Now, what is the best water filtration system to solve these problems? Let’s see what type of water filters and purifiers are currently on the market:

    Water filters Ireland jug. Even though it is not the most effective, it is the most popular filter. Typically, the reasons are the cost and portability. It uses an activated carbon filter to prevent the contaminants from flowing in the water. The water you pour into it goes through the filter where the contaminants are removed and the flows into the lower part for storage. Because of its minimal capacity, it has to be frequently refilled but may come in useful for picnics and brunch gin the garden.

    Water filter system and tap. These filters are very affordable and require minimal maintenance. However, these two benefits come at the expense of efficiency. Plumbed in tap filters are installed directly on the faucet head and provide clean water straight away. If you live in an area where the water is already relatively clean, it is a great choice for the kitchen.

    Shower head filter. As you might tell by the name, this device is installed straight on the shower head to filter the water locally in the shower. Shower head filters are very useful for areas and cities with so-called heavy water, containing high amounts of chlorine and fluoride. Studies show that these compounds negatively affect the health of your scalp and hair. So, having this type of filter is likely to improve both.

    Counter top water filter. If you don’t want to refill filter pitchers or jugs constantly, you might like the convenience of having a counter top filter. It is connected to the faucet and purifies water coming from the tap. The downside is that it takes up room on the counter top and thus, makes the space narrower.

    Under-sink water filter. Similar to other options, these filters provide water on demand and do not need a storage tank or a connection to a drain. The advantages are that they are normally hidden in the cupboard and can process large volumes of water quickly. The downside is that they are large and not portable.

    Full house water filter system. By deciding to invest in a full house water filter system, you get clean water coming from every tap of the home. If you want everything water-related to be healthier, such as cooking, laundry, showers, and drinking, you can confidently go for this type of filtration system.

    Your home should be the safest place in the world, and it would be unfair if that safety was compromised every time you come into contact with water. We have already discussed the danger of untreated water, so you realise that the stakes are high. A water filtration system for the home is a valuable purchase beyond measure. Since it is placed on the main water line entering your house, every drop of water coming into your home will be clean. Water that is free from rust, sediment, chlorine, and other chemical contaminants makes for a great investment in a healthy future.

    Besides, clean water will also keep your existing house appliances running for as long as possible. Dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines often break because of harsh water. So, after proper water filtration, contaminants will not enter these devices. Thus, they will work efficiently for a lot longer. That makes this purchase even more cost-efficient.

    What is the best whole house water filtration system? We can say with a great deal of confidence that it is full house systems from High Water Standard. With 15 years of experience, we have gained the level of expertise that allows us to provide our customers with the best service possible. If you buy anything more complicated than a pitcher, you want to deal with a company that knows their trade. Contact us for a consultation or visit our NYC office to jumpstart your way to both cleaner water and a healthier life.