A Water Filter System – No Installation Required!
One subject that’s on everyone’s mind right now across the globe is the Covid-19 pandemic. As a company, our main business involves our technicians visiting homes across Ireland and installing our water filter systems. Now that we’re under strict lock down, this side of the business has unfortunately ceased, albeit temporarily.

With so many people remaining at home for the next few weeks, the demand for clean domestic mains water will increase. The risk of contaminated water entering the supply will rise with possibilities of boil water notices being implemented. We have already seen several “Do not consume” notices being issued by authorities in the west of the country. This will inevitably get worse before it gets better.

A Pure Water Filter Option Without The Installation

Although our installations have ceased, fortunately we’re licensed to sell the worlds most efficient reverse osmosis water filter system on the market. This water filter machine is fully portable and produces the highest quality of drinking water with a fraction of the water wasted from conventional reverse osmosis products.

A sleek looking machine available in black or white and retails at €399 (Cheapest price for this product in Ireland & the UK). Order now and have it delivered within 3 working days. No installation necessary, simply fill the 5 litre pitcher with tap water, plug it in and enjoy fresh pure filtered water on demand 24 hours a day.

What Other Functions Does This Water Filter Have?

Well, apart from producing high quality ultra filtered ambient water, this incredible machine also offers you 3 other water temperatures ideal for babies bottles, tea, coffee and instant boiling water for cooking soups or pasta without the impurities. Sounds good right?

Please see our product page for the Osmio Zero Reverse Osmosis System and a full list of features and descriptions.

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