Clack Softener Valve DIY Package

Clack softener valve DIY Package. Automatic water softener Electronic WS1CI Clack valve 1 ” (Reg. Metered-time).Low consumption of water and salt per regeneration. Valve body made of Noryl plastic material, NSF listed. Programming is simple and fast, just enter the time, day of week, time of regeneration, typically 02.00 at night, number of days between regenerations and hardness input. Complete with plug adapter 12/230V – 50Hz European plug.

Hardness regulator output. Is required output minimum hardness of around 15°F, but the most commonly used setting is not less than 5°F. Loosening action will reduce mixing with raw water output. To mix a specific output hardness value, adjust screw and test water. Repeat the procedure until you reach the desired hardness value. To check input/output hardness from the device, we recommend to buy cod. 13000001 Titrant kit total hardness (1°F) 15cc single reagent.

– Latest Clack Softener Valve CI
-Solid state microprocessor with settings from front panel.
– Large blue backlight LCD display.
– 48 hours of internal power backup.
– Real day time in hours and minutes.
– Residual volume of softened water.
– Display of regeneration phases and cycle remaining time.
– Fast and easy configuration of regeneration capacity, time and day.
– The set program remains in memory and will not be lost in case of power outages.
– Electronic regenerations step-by-step.
– Regeneration manual, delayed or immediate.
– Lack salt alarm.

Benefits and advantages

Reduction of water hardness, which is cause of scale. ENERGY SAVING: the device prevents formation of deposits in pipes and hydraulic lines. Greater sense of wellness during shower. Skin soft and clean. Increased duration of appliances and boilers. COST SAVING: reduction in use of soaps, fabric softeners and chemicals. Reduced maintenance costs. Fully automatic operation. It should just worry about adding salt in water softner.


– Min. pressure: 1.4 bar (1.4 kg/cm2)
– Max. pressure: 8.6 bar (8.6 kg/cm2)
– Min. temperature: 4 ° C
– Max. temperature: 43 ° C
– Water Input / Output 1″ male thread
– Exhaust: hose connector with 2m. of tube
– Overflow: hose connection 3/8″

Model Specifications
10lt. resin. (for 1/2 people)
– Exchange capacity: 52ºHFxm3.
– Salt consumption for regeneration: 1,3 Kg./salt.
– Water consumption for regeneration: 70lt.
– Quantity of treated water for regeneration, 30°f-1,73m3, 35°f-1,48m3, 40°f-1,3m3, 45°f-1,15m3, 50°f-1,04m3, 60°f-0,83m3.
– Max flow. 0,45m3/h
– Dimensions Platinum I – Base (mm): 605×350 * Height (mm): 670
Included with the water softener
– 1 standard housing 10″ clear IN/OUT 1″ with wrench and wall mounting bracket
– 1 Green filter wound polypropylene cartridge 9-3/4” – 20 micron
– 1 Kit Total Hardness (1°f) single reagent 15cc.

WS1CI Clack Valve

– Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings
– Three modes of operation; meter immediate, meter delayed, or time clock delayed
– Program in ppm, French degrees, German degrees, or cubic meters
– Fully programmable regeneration cycle sequence (maximum 9)
– Programmable regeneration cycle times
– Days override feature; 1 – 28 days available
– Backwash and brining ability to 22″ diameter tanks
– Downflow/upflow regeneration
– Stores system configuration and operation data in nonvolatile memory
– Capacitor back-up with up to 2 hour power carry over
– 12-volt output AC Adapter provides safe and easy installation
– Control valve design provides optimum service and backwash rates
– Treated water / soft water regeneration refill
– Mixing valve option available
– Low salt alarm
– 24-hour clock
– Reliable and proven DC drive

Inlet/Outlet Fittings: 1″
Cycles: up to 9
Valve Material: Noryl (1) or equivalent
Regeneration: downflow/upflow

Flow Rates
Service @ 15 psi/1 bar drop (includes bypass and meter): 102 lpm
Backwash @ 25 psi/1.7 bar drop (includes bypass): 102 lpm

Operating Pressures
Minimum/Maximum: 20 – 125 psi (1.4 – 8.6 bar)

Operating Temperatures
Minimum/Maximum: 40º – 110º F (4º – 43º C)

Accuracy: ± 5%
Flow Rate Range: 1 – 102 lpm
Volume Range: 0.10 m3 – 2000.0 m3
Totalizer: 1 m3 – 99,999 m3

Electrical Specifications AC Adapter
Supply Voltage: 230V AC
Supply Frequency: 50 Hz
Output Voltage: 12V AC
Output Current: 500 mA