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So, you’ve been considering buying one of our under sink water filter systems for a while now but are still unsure which one to buy. Here’s a run down of our best sellers.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis  The Supreme RO System will transform the stuff from your kitchen tap into the best, cleanest & clearest water possible.

The purpose of this particular model is to remove all impurities from the supply. Minerals such as calcium & magnesium are lost during the filtration process but can be replenished by adding the Supreme mineralizer.

The product comes with it’s own dedicated chrome goose neck filter tap and as a result of this, there’s no possibility of cross contamination with your main unfiltered kitchen tap. Get one installed in your home today, see here

7 Stage Reverse Osmosis System – This Supreme RO unit has 7 stages of high quality filtration which also replenishes vital minerals lost during the process. The PH levels of the water are also balanced. Currently our best seller and well priced.

The machine itself, along with the 5 litre storage tank will fit perfectly into most under sink spaces. A twin handle chrome tap is also featured with this model giving you the option of dispensing mineralized or demineralized water. Currently on sale here

Osmio D7 Direct Flow RO – 
The Osmio D7 is a superb quality under sink water filter system. Reverse Osmosis membrane inside. The main difference between the D7 & the conventional RO unit is it’s tankless design and sleek looks.

Without the need for a storage tank, the Osmio D7 Direct Flow RO uses a 300GPD membrane and produces purified water on demand 24/7 from a snazzy brushed steel single faucet. Not only that, the waste water discharge from this machine is a fraction of it’s market equivalents.

A space saver model and also reasonably priced. Very little stock left so order yours today. Installations also available nationwide. Take a look at the product in our online store here

If you have any questions about any of our products, click here to make contact with our team or check out our external blog at the following link We have an in house emergency plumbing team available to take care of your installation also